Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Intro and Lunch =) Gym Dinner

My lunch I did cheat a bit with the Tea Drink and the Teri Sauce
Hello and welcome to my little blog.
I decided to start this to help me “snap” out of the rut I find myself in every other month you know the one where you say to yourself “Self we are going to start tomorrow” right after I eat this cookie and ice cream…. Right. So this conversation happens about every month with me and of course I see no progress go figure right?! Since I am a very visual/colorful person who wants everything to be fun I have decided to put together this simple blog that documents my meals, body progress (eeeekkk) and workout routines. There wont be much blabber I have decided to just cut right to it =)

My Goal:
-To have a Bikini like body by December (HA!) we shall see
-Enter a power lifting competition in 2013

PLAN: Eating Primal/Paleo (check it out below)

Meals will be simple since I am busy and work fulltime and am a Mommy and Wifey gotta be fast healthy and affordable meals that I can make….

Exercise: Interval Training and Weight lifting


Where will it take me.

Consistency is the KEY for sure!

Yay I made it to the gym and here is what I did:

Eliptical 13 Mins doing HIIT Intervals  ( 30:30) 30 secs sprints 30 sec cool downs I did 11 intervals and a had a 2 minute cool down.

Over to the Weight Mats (see pik above =) )  To do my Stronglifts 5x5

Overhead Press  45lbs 5 sets of 5

Deadlifts 45lbs 1 set of 8

Squats with Bar 45lbs 5 sets of 5

Dumbell Flys - 5 sets of 5

 For Din Din :
I had an omelette with green chiles, little bit of cheddar cheese, and a teaspoon of sour cream

Dessert : Strawberries!